Version History - 2015

SQLyog 12.18 (December 2015)

  • Bug Fixes:

    n 12.17 (released yesterday) it could happen that session restore erroneously could restore (a) Query tab(s) from previous session that was closed before SQLyog itself was closed.

SQLyog 12.17 (December 2015)

  • Bug Fixes:
    --Fixed a memory leak as well as a crash in ‘session restore’ when writing a restore point. This  was reported by a number of users. We were never able to reproduce these issues ourselves but a number of affected users have tested and confirmed the fix.
    --The formatter could add trailing space after specific keywords occuring at the end of a line.
    --In CSV exports there was an additional comma after each row while exporting a table if the last column was not selected for export.
  • Miscellaneous:
    --While exporting a table having BLOB/TEXT type column(s) to ‘fixed length CSV’, a warning message is displayed that this may result in truncation of data and user is given the choice whether to continue or not.

SQLyog 12.16 (November 2015)

  • Features:
    --Schema Designer may now optionally use ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ layout for printing. Before only ‘portrait’ was available. Also page breaks may now be previewed.
  • Bug Fixes:
    --With ‘ChallengeResponseAuthentication’ set to “YES” in SSHD configuration, SSH tunnel from SQLyog would fail. This was introduced in 12.13 with the PLINK update here.
    --On Wine the color palette used for customizing colors of the SQLyog interface did not open.
    --In the Connection Manager .. MySQL tab, pressing ALT+V moved cursor to “keep alive interval” setting (last control of the tab) and not “saved connections” (first control of the tab).
  • Miscellaneous:
    --The Import External Data tool would create indexes on BLOB/TEXT columns with an index prefix length of (only) 6 characters. This has been raised to 255.
    --SQL Server “UNIQUEIDENTIFIER” and Access “REPLICATIONID” data types are now migrated to a CHAR(36) and not CHAR(50) as before. This is for compability with how various applications and environments – including and most notably MS EntityFramework – expect data length of a Unique Identifier.

SQLyog 12.15 (October 2015)

  • Features:
    --The search for the connections and databases is now faster and simpler, as it lists all the connections which contain the typed phrase.
  • Bug Fixes:
    --Schema sync tool now functions by creating the dummy tables in the cases when views are built on another views.
    --Earlier SQLyog updated connrestore.db file even when there were no changes in the current session. This is now fixed. 

SQLyog 12.14 (August 2015)

  • Features:
    --Added an option in “Export as SQL Dump”, “Export Table Data As..” and “Scheduled Backup” not to write the SQLyog version to SQL dumps. This will reduce ‘noise’ for users comparing dumps for auditing purposes, when SQLyog has been upgraded.
    --In both “Export as SQL Dump”,  and “Scheduled backup” there is now an option to add a linebreak between rows if BULK  INSERTS are written.  This will increase readability and help to prevent truncation of lines if the dump is opened in an editor or similar and saved again from there.
  • Miscellaneous:
    --Increased contrast for better identification of selected row in GRID as well as increased visibility of which tab is currently selected.

SQLyog 12.13 (August 2015)

  • Bug fixes:
    --Due to use of an old Plink version in older versions of SQLyog, SSH-tunnel could not be created to servers running OpenSSH 6.9x (as now available with Fedora 22 and possibly other ‘bleeding-edge’ Linux distros). We upgraded Plink to version 0.64 (latest) in this release.
    --In rare cases, with an orphaned Plink process started by SQLyog running, the sqlyog.ini file could be locked and thus could not be edited in a text editor for instance.

SQLyog 12.12 (May 2015)

  • Features:
    --XML files can now be imported from GUI controls in table menu/context menu provided that details of the XML follows one of the three supported XML-schemes supported by MySQL LOAD DATA XML syntax. This includes XML files generated with SQLyog and mysqldump.

  • Bug fixes:
    --Server name in object browser was displaying wrong in some cases.
    --JSON export added in version 12.11 could add an extra delimiter what could cause an error in the environment where the JSON was used.*
    --Profiler tab was getting focus instead of Messages tab in some cases if query was executed by placing cursor inside query and if more queries appeared in the Query tab and queries were executed ‘one by one’ (it did not happen when highlighting the query).
    --In ‘Export as’ dialog, SQLyog did not remember the escape character used if escape character was defined as “\\”. It would then replace “\\” with “\”.
    --In some cases SQLyog wasn’t displaying warnings for the query executed. Most common case was when a function was used with an argument of incorrect type causing server-side truncation of the argument (example: “SELECT ABS(‘a’);”)

SQLyog 12.11 (April 2015)

  • Features:
    -- Added option to export table data and result sets as JSON.
  • Bug fixes:
    --On Windows systems using a recent wininet.dll, setting the HTTP timeout higher than 30 seconds had no effect and SQLyog would fire same query 3 times if HTTP tunneling was used and query executed on server for more than 30 seconds.
    --Fixed a performance regression with “execute SQL script”.
  • Miscellaneous:
    --The new icons and other graphics introduced in 12.1 now have slightly darker and brighter colors.  As a result the UI is now ‘less pastel’ than before.
    --Changes in 12.1 to the ‘twilight’ theme (default before 12.1) have mostly been reverted due to user requests.
    --Visual Data Compare UI now has the same 12.1 -style overall look as the main program window etc. has.
    --SQLite  was updated to version This will result in performance enhancement of up to 80% for Autocomplete with large local SQLite databases.

SQLyog 12.1 (March 2015)

  • Features:
    --The overall graphics look has been changed from being WinXP/Vista -style to being Win8/10 -style. This includes new icons, other graphics and a new 'theme' named "flat". The new "flat" theme is selected after installation of this release along with various recommended default settings for the graphics display. The old 'themes' are still available for users that prefer those, and can be enabled from 'preferences', Note that a 'theme' does not manage icons and grids. The new icons and grid display will apply to any  'theme'.
    --The SJA.log will now record total time taken for a Data Sync job.

SQLyog 12.09 (March 2015)

  • Bug fixes:
    --Fixed a crash on  ALTER TRIGGER introduced in 12.08. This crash was due to unavailability of SHOW CREATE TRIGGER (in MySQL server before 5.1 or due to a MySQL Bug). The patch in 12.08 failed on such environments.  We will now revert to old logic if SHOW CREATE TRIGGER is not available or returns an error or an empty string.
    --Same problem as listed above could cause a crash in Schema Sync.
    --Import External Data would map a MS SQL varchar(max) datatype to a MySQL ‘varchar’. The ODBC driver for MS SQL would then return an empty string for varchar(max) columns.  We now map MS SQL varchar(max) to a MySQL ‘TEXT’ datatype as default.
    --On batch execution of queries the Query Profiler will now be disabled.  Earlier SQLyog EXPLAINed first explainable statement in batch execution. This arbitrary choice has caused confusion, and in cases where the batch executed a DROP TABLE it could result in an error when a table referenced in EXPLAIN did not exist anymore.
    --SQLyog restricted user from entering a table comment of more than 60 characters. Now if user is using MySQL server >5.5.3+ he/she will be able to enter table comments up to 2048 characters.
    --Fixed a crash on “copy database to different host”. Only SQLyog Community was affected. This bug was introduced in SQLyog 11.52.
  • Miscellaneous:
    --Fixed the Korean translation with patches contributed by a Korean user.

SQLyog 12.08 (February 2015)

  • Features: 
    --Added option to prefix files with timestamp as well as ‘file per table’ option in “export as SQL dump” dialog. This is now available in Professional and higher versions of SQLyog.

  • Bug Fixes:
    --Launching “Visual Data Compare” from data synchronization wizard could fail. From ‘powertools’ menu there was no such issue. This bug was introduced in SQLyog 12.04.
    --Escaped strings in a TRIGGER definition could have the escapes removed when copying and when using Schema Sync.  This fix is actually a workaround for  a bug in MySQL.

  • Miscellaneous:
    --When using HTTP-tunnel, SQLyog will identify itself to the webserver using a ‘user agent string’.  This string now identifies SQLyog as an  IE11-compatible application running on windows 8.1. Before it  was IE6 running on Windows XP.  This has been reported to cause ‘denial of service’ with some hosting systems.

SQLyog 12.07 (February 2015)

  • Bug Fixes:
    -- Fixed a crash in Schema Sync introduced in 12.05.

SQLyog 12.06 (January 2015)

  • Bug Fixes:
    --The computed columns functionality, introduced in 12.05, executed a SHOW CREATE TABLE with database and table identifiers not `back quoted` in the background. As a result ALTER TABLE was not available for tables with some characters (such as SPACE) in database and table identifiers.

SQLyog 12.05 (January 2015)

  • Features: 
    --SQLyog now supports computed (virtual/persistent) columns for MariaDB 5.2+ servers.
  • Bug Fixes:
    --Result tab could display wrong execution and total time in status bar. 
    --When using SSH tunnel and the SSH daemon used was on another host than the MySQL server connected to, SQLyog would display the connection as a connection from localhost and not from the SSHD host.
  • Miscellaneous: 
    --Changed the rendering mechanism used on high-resolution monitors, where Windows as default will scale the desktop (and objects appearing on it) to match an approximately 96 DPI-display experience. However, before this release that did not apply to icons and some other graphics resources in SQLyog as well as Windows standard controls (buttons, checkboxes etc.), that could all appear very small on such displays.
    --Offline docs are removed from SQLyog. Now online docs will open in default browser. It is not possible to continue support for the CHM help format.  It was officially abandoned by Microsoft years ago (when Windows Vista was released) and has not been maintained since.