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Version History

Bug fixes, Improvements Made In Each Version From the Beginning

22 articles

Getting Started

About SQLyog, Ways To Connect and Many Basic Features, Keyboard Shortcuts

21 articles

SQL Window

SQL Commands, Templates, Autocomplete, Editing Features, Syntax Hightlights

12 articles

Query Builder

Quries related to Sorting and Filtering, Group By and Aggregate Funtions, Xml file

5 articles

Result Tab

View Results in Different Modes, Exporting Resultset, Managing DATE, TIMESTAMP data

9 articles

Different Tabs and Their Usage

Message Tab, History Tab, Info Tab,Query Profiler

7 articles


Creating, Altering and Managing tables, Export/Import Tables

26 articles

Data Search

Easy Ways to Search Data, Syntax and Operators

3 articles


Creating, Altering and Deleting Database SQL Dumps, SQL Scripts and Transactions

9 articles

Other Database Objects

Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Events, Delimiters

7 articles

Import External Data

Import Data from Different Sources, Create A New DSN

16 articles

Schema Designer

Easy Visual Schema Designing & Xml Files for Process, Printing Schema

3 articles

Database, Schema Sync & Visual Data Compare

Synchronisation Features and Easy Visual Comparison of Data

10 articles

SQL Scheduler and Reporting Tool

Scheduling and Reporting of Database Management, SMTP and Execution

8 articles

Scheduled Database Backups

Backing up Database and Job Sessions, Error Handling

8 articles

SQLyog Job Agent from command line

SJA Paramenters and SJA xml Schema

3 articles

User Management

Creating Deleting and Managing users and Their Privileges

3 articles

Preferences, Environment Variables & Flush

User Settings, Clearing Cache, Variables

3 articles