Advanced Editing Features

  • Select Edit -> Advanced to take advantage of the following useful editing features (or press the respective keyboard shortcut).
    • Make Selection Uppercase: To change selected text to uppercase (or press Ctrl+Shift+U)
    • Make Selection Lowercase: To change selected text to lowercase (or press Ctrl+Shift+L)
    • Comment Selection: To comment the selected text (or press Ctrl+Shift+C)
    • Remove Comment From Selection: To remove the comment (or Ctrl+Shift+R). The commented line is uncommented.
  • Select Edit -> Go To, to quickly move to a required line in the SQL Window. This is a great feature for using in large scripts.
  • Use double-click in the Object Browser to pass the object's name to your script in the SQL Window. Make sure that the corresponding option in Preferences (tab General) is switched on.

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