Version History - 2018

SQLyog 13.1.2 (December 2018)

  • Features:
    --The “date picker” in Data/Result grid now has an option to use server timezone. Before only client timezone was used.
    --CREATE/ALTER TABLE GUI now supports CHECK constraints with recent MariaDB servers.
    --Added a “combo”/dropdown list for selection of Connection and Query tabs. Before with a large number of open tabs it could be difficult to navigate between tabs.
  • Bug Fixes:
    --Altering a table containing virtual columns could lose data due to erroneous quoting.
    --Renaming a virtual column generated wrong syntax with MySQL 8.x. Also a unicode issue with virtual columns in MySQL 8.x was fixed.
    --With MariaDB servers virtual column -expressions were not displayed properly in ALTER TABLE.
    --Renaming a Foreign Key CONSTRAINT after renaming the parent columnname resulted in an error. Also undoing/reverting a change in the ALTER TABLE dialog could cause a similar error.
    --Object Browser window will have consistent width with different screen resolutions.
    --Formatting a query with MySQL functions could add an extra whitespace before the opening parenthesis of the MySQL function, thus invalidating the query.
    --Changing password using ‘User Manager’ generated wrong syntax, resulting in syntax error, with MySQL 8.x servers.
    --A crash could occur when using drag’n’drop to create a Foreign Key.

SQLyog 13.1.1 (August 2018)
This release fixes a rare crash as well as a regression bug introduced in 13.1.0.

  • Bug Fixes:
    --Fixed a regression bug introduced in 13.1.0, an error was returned on adding or editing the data in the 'Result' tab. The same steps also caused SQLyog to crash sometimes. This is fixed now. 

SQLyog 13.1.0 (August 2018)

  • Features:
    --Included an option ‘Format JSON data in JSON viewer’ in ‘Tools ->Preferences -> General’ to view the formatted JSON data when opened in the JSON-viewer/BLOB-viewer. Note, this option will be disabled/unchecked by default – i.e. JSON data will still be displayed as stored by default.
  • Bug Fixes:
    --Fixed a crash occuring when a result set returned a huge number of columns (>3400).
    --Fixed a crash occurring if the file path contained specific characters on importing the files using ‘Execute SQL Script’. This bug was introduced in v13.0 where we upgraded our Visual Studio build environment.
    --Added more Row_format options in the Create/Alter table GUI. Recent options like ‘Compact’ and ‘Redundant’ were missing in the drop-down list.
    --Added an option to view and copy the query generated by SQLyog when applying a filter in the ‘Result’/’Table Data’ tab.
    --The Preferences settings ‘Generate queries using backquote’, lettercase of keywords and functions and ‘SQL Formatter’ -settings are now honoured for SQLyog-generated queries.
    --JSON data did not open in JSON viewer/BLOB-viewer if connection to server was a HTTP-tunneled connection.
    --Some options in ‘Powertools’ menu were erroneously greyed out when using ‘Tile Windows’ and ’Cascade Windows’ interface setting.
    --In the ‘Scheduled jobs’ dialog on Windows 10, the timestamp for last execution time for scheduled jobs was not updated.
    --When uninstalling SQLyog 64 bit edition, relevant entries in Registry could fail to delete and ‘add/remove programs’ in Control Panel would then show that the program was still installed.
    --Fixed that tables unnecessarily were displaying overlapped in Schema Designer.
  • Miscellaneous:
    --Upgraded the PLINK executable bundled with SQLyog to support new key encryption algorithms added in PuTTY/PLINK v. 0.7.
    --‘Duplicate Table’ dialog will now have the ‘With indexes’ -option checked/enabled by default.

SQLyog 13.0.1 (May 2018)

  • Features:
    --It is now optional if Schema Sync should synchronize the InnoDB Row Format -setting for tables or not.
  • Bug Fixes:
    --The setting in Query Profiler ‘preferences’ to include EXPLAIN EXTENDED is now ignored, if server does not support this (what is the case with MySQL from 5.7.4 – but not any MariaDB version).
  • Miscellaneous:
    --The “keywords.db” file (used by syntax highlighting, autocomplete and automatic lettercase handling for functions and keywords) was updated with new keywords and functions related to JSON, Roles, Common Table Expressions and Window Functions as of both MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB 10.3.

SQLyog 13.0 (Apr 2018)

  • Features:
    --Added an option to the ‘Scheduler and Reporting tool’ to attach query result(s) as CSV-file(s).
    --Errors returned from queries are now logged to HISTORY tab.
    --Added an option to collapse all expanded objects in the Object Browser in a single operation.
  • Bug Fixes:
    --An incorrect statement was generated for a TIMESTAMP column having the default value as ‘CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()’ in Schema Synchronization tool with MariaDB v10.2+.
    --When editing a saved (SJA) job the ‘Email subject line’ could become empty. Also, whitespace in the subject line is now handled like in common email clients.
    --Fixed a malfunction with the progress bar in the ‘Backup Database As SQL Dump’ dialog.
    --Fixed a rare crash in ‘Export As SQL’.
    --With a very slow connection to the target database, a crash could occur in “Copy Database”.
  • Miscellaneous:
    --Upgraded build environment (Visual Studio) and linked libraries (OpenSSL, SQLite) to current versions as well as changed registration keys.
    --‘ROW_FORMAT’ parameter is now handled in the Schema Synchronization comparison.

SQLyog 12.5.1 (Jan 2018)

  • Bug Fixes:
    --The option to ‘dump as HEX’ did not work as expected for BLOB and BIT datatypes.
    --Selecting ‘Default’ for the ‘Session Idle Timeout’ in the connection manager was setting the SESSION value for ‘wait_timeout’ variable to “28800” irrespective of the GLOBAL value on the particular server. Now SESSION value will be inherited from the GLOBAL value in such case.