Database Connection

Making a New Connection

After you start SQLyog, you have to enter the details of MySQL server you want to connect to. You must connect to a MySQL server before you can perform any activities with the software.  Check out more how to make a database connection.

New Window Using Current Settings

To open a new connection with same server profile of the current connection select  File -> New Window Using Current Settings (or press Ctrl+N). It will establish another connection with the same details without any further specification.

Disconnecting A Connection

Select  File -> Disconnect (or press Ctrl+F4) to disconnect the current active connection. To re-connect (or establish another connection), selectConnect option (or press Ctrl+M).

Disconnecting All Connections

Select  File -> Disconnect All to disconnect from all current active connections.

Managing multiple connection tabs

When there are multiple active connections in SQLyog that cannot fit in the default SQLyog window, then you can switch between the multiple connection tabs using the drop-down button at the extreme right of the tabbed interface of connections.