Executing SQL Queries

You can execute queries in SQLyog in following four ways:

  • Execute Current Query: To execute a particular query in a batch, just place the cursor on the query to be executed (i.e. before the semicolon separating the query from the next query). Select Edit -> Execute Query -> Execute Current Query (or press F9 or click the 'single green arrow' icon in the icon bar). Only the current query would be executed.
  • Execute All Queries: To execute the whole batch of queries entered in the SQL window. Select Edit -> Execute Query -> Execute All Queries (or press Shift+F9 or click the 'double green arrow' icon in the icon bar). All queries would be executed one by one, showing result set in separate tab window.

Note: Default is F9 for execution. It can be toggled between F5 for executing SQL queries. For more information see Preferences.

Stopping a Query

Starting from v4.05, all the queries are executed in a different thread. Whenever you execute a query the corresponding icon in the tool bar is replaced by a  Stop icon. If you want to stop a query from being executed, just click on the Stop button.