Import External Data Results Representation

After your import session has finished, you can check if it was successful or not. First, you can look at the sja.log file which is located in the SQLyog root folder.

If your import session was successful, the log file will contain only the line which indicates the import job starting date and time. It can look like this:

If however an error occurred during the import session, the log file will also contain the error description:

Another way to get reports from the ODBC Import Toolkit is to state that you wish to receive them (or to be sent to another person in charge) via email. You can choose to get report emails either only if an error occurs or just for any import session.

An email reporting the successful completion of your import session will look similar to this one:

In case of an error the email will contain the error description, just like the log file does:

Note: This feature is available in SQLyog Enterprise and Ultimate.