Version History - 2005

SQLyog 5.01 (December 2005)

  • Complete support for all MySQL 5.1.

SQLyog 5.0 (November 2005)

New Features

MySQL 5 Support:
  • Complete support for all MySQL 5.x features like Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers & Views.
  • SQL editor now supports configurable delimiter using the DELIMITER command.
  • Compatibility with all strict-modes introduced in MySQL v5.x.

    Data Synchronization:

  • Data sync tool now supports sync between tables having NO indexes.

    Scheduled Backups:

  • Support for adding TIMESTAMP in the backup filename.
  • Support for exporting individual tables in a TIMESTAMP-named folder.

    SQLyog Job Agent:

  • Support for providing session xml file path for SJA through a command line argument. Now you can execute: sja -ssession.xml job.xml to provide your own session XML file path.

    SQL Editor:

  • Multitabbed SQL editor interface.
  • Option to generate SELECT and INSERT statements for table with a click of a mouse (or shortcut key).
  • SQLyog will now prompt you to save SQL statements before closing the tab. This is configurable through Tools -> Preferences.
  • Colors used for syntax highlighting are now configurable.
  • SQL editors now support Goto Line option.
  • Double-clicking on an object name in the Object Browser copies the name to the Query Editor. This option is configurable from Tools -> Preferences.
  • Display of object information on node selection in the Object Browser is now configurable through Tools->Preferences.


  • Added an option where a user can specify to save connection details password or not.


  • Support for SET NAMES in SQLyogTunnel.php.
  • Support for BLOB columns in WHERE clause while updating a row in Data tab.
  • Option to fill Excel friendly values while exporting to CSV format. This feature is also available while copying resultset to the clipboard. Now copying & pasting resultsets to Excel for further processing is very straight-forward.
  • Support for field level comments in Create/Alter Table window.
  • Support for FK names while creating foreign keys.
  • HTTP Tunneling now supports importing of SQL batch files containing DELIMITER command.
  • SQLyog will now display an error message while importing CSV data on a HTTP connection.
  • Improved Powertool wizards.

Bug Fixes:

  • SQLyog will now create all log and .ini file in the Application Data folder if the installation directory is read-only.
  • Fixed a crashing bug in SQLyog Migration Toolkit.

SQLyog 4.1 (August 2005)

New Features

  • Scheduled ODBC Import - Painless migration to MySQL including the ability to create jobs to transfer external data at regular intervals.
  • PHP Tunneler now checks for MAGIC_QUOTES flags. You will need to update SQLyogTunnel.php from the latest build of v4.1.

SQLyog 4.07 (July 2005)

New Features

  • Reconnect and re-execute a query if timeout occurs.
  • Connection names are now alphabetically sorted in the connection window.
  • Support for more images in BLOB viewer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug in Data Sync Tool.
  • Fixed a bug where shortcut for hiding Object Browser was not working.
  • Fixed a syntax coloring bug in SQL editor.
  • Fixed a bug in Alter Table window.
  • Fixed a bug with respect to scrolling in result and data grid.
  • Fixed a bug related to selection of database in "Export As Batch Script" option window.
  • Fixed a bug with export as CSV option.

SQLyog 4.06 (May 2005)

New Features

  • Option to select the window that you want to put focus on after execution of a query.

SQLyog 4.05 (April 2005)

New Features

  • Powerful scheduled backup with email notification.
  • Dialogless result editor with option to update multiple tables.
  • Multithreaded query execution with option to allow multiple query execution simultaneously.
  • Optimized SQL import, up to 1000% faster then previous versions.

SQLyog 4.03/04 (February 2005)

New Features

  • HTTP Tunneling now supports Proxy/HTTP Authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a non-critical bug in Data Sync Tool.

SQLyog 4.02 (February 2005)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug affecting user administration.

SQLyog 4.01 (January 2005)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a system crashing bug while using multi monitor setup.
  • Fixed a system crashing bug in data synchronization when using HTTP Tunneling.
  • Fixed a bug where '&' character was handled incorrectly when using HTTP Tunneling.
  • Fixed a SQL syntax coloring bug in SQL Editor.
  • Fixed bugs while exporting data as CSV.