Version History - 2006

SQLyog 5.21 (November 2006)

  • New Features

    -- Autocomplete speed improvements (about 10 times faster than version 5.20).
    -- SJA for Windows now has integrated debug facilities like those introduced with SQLyog 5.20

  • Bug Fixes

    -- Wrong connections details would cause Notifications Services to crash
    -- Backing up an empty database would cause a crash
    -- It was not possible to create more than one table with an autoincrement field, unless closing the CREATE TABLE dialogue.
    -- Also a few cosmetically issues were fixed

SQLyog 5.20 (October 2006)

  • Naming and Licensing

    The free SQLyog version is now named 'SQLyog Community Edition' and is released as Open Source under the GPL license

  • New Features

    -- User Management fully up-to-date with MySQL 5.1.
    -- SQLyog now dynamically retrieves the list of available Storage Engines from MySQL.
    -- Support for SQL-server/Access 'money'/'currency' type with the Migration Tool.
    -- Added option to name a Foreign Key CONSTRAINT.
    -- Added an option to 'BLANK' a user's password.
    -- It is now possible to use the auto_increment attribute with an INTEGER column that is not defined as PK. CREATE TABLE will create the UNIQUE KEY needed for you. Also the Migration Tool now supports such autoincrement field.
    -- The 'smart' KEYWORDS/FUNCTIONS/DEFAULTS handling introduced with SQLyog 5.1 is now configurable from 'preferences'.
    -- HTTPS tunneling now supports certificates.
    -- Font settings enhanced. There are now settings for BLOB-viewer, HISTORY/OBJECTS, Editor and 'everything else' (basically GRIDs). As of 5.2 the last one covers DATA tab, RESULT tab, and CREATE/ALTER TABLE panes. It will be completed in coming versions.
    -- Added an option to STOP 'copy table/database'.
    -- DATA SYNC will now show 'signs of activity' when syncing BIG tables.
    -- Migration Tool can now import data from a VIEW on an ODBC-source to a TABLE in MySQL - provided of course that the ODBC-driver exposes the VIEW and the data in it.
    -- SQLyog now has built-in debugging capabilities. The implementation of this does not involve additional code or processes running, and does not affect the efficiency of the program.

  • Bug Fixes

    -- Fixed issues with import of Foreign Keys and the " ' " character in comments in the Migration Tool.
    -- (scheduled) backup did encode as utf8 even if you deselected the option in the Wizard. Only the SET NAMES statement was omitted.
    -- Copy to other ...' used excessive memory when copying big tables. This is now fixed.
    -- The import dialogue displayed twice as many SQL-statements as there actually was.
    -- The warning that more rows would be updated did not display with some special Schemas (schemas without a PK and extensive use of TEXT/BLOBs).
    -- Conditional comments (like /*! ... */) raised an error with the import tool.
    -- Fixed an issue with import of indexes from PostgreSQL.
    -- When two tables named identically except for the LETTERCASE existed in a database 'copy to other ...' would always copy the 'most LOWERCASED' of them.
    -- When UPDATING SQLyog does generally not include BOLBs?TEXTs in the WHERE clause that it sends. However it should when that column is used for a Primary Key. This is now fixed.
    -- Migration will now map a TEXT type from SQL Server or MySQL to a TEXT and not VARCHAR.
    -- The display of the total time passed for the query as displayed in MESSAGES tab was wrong (information in status line was correct).
    -- Several small bug fixes - most of them GUI-related.

SQLyog 5.19 (September 2006)

  • Bug Fixes

    -- Fixed a critical crash when editing data from RESULT-pane.
    -- Fixed a bug with migration tool that could cause negative values to become 0 (zero).

SQLyog 5.18 (September 2006)

  • New Features

    -- Nag screens have been removed. This is the last release of SQLyog Free Edition. From version 5.2, SQLyog Free Edition will be renamed to SQLyog Community Edition and the source code will be released under GPL.

SQLyog 5.17 (August 2006)

  • New Features

    -- This release introduces the 'short' DELIMITER format (like the 'mysql' command line client and other programs from MySQL AB) with SQLyog. The old/long format is still supported

  • Bug Fixes

    -- Fixed a port forwarding issue with SSH tunneling when SSH-host and MySQL-host were different. This bug was introduced in 5.15.
    -- Fixed a memory allocation issue with 'autocomplete' that in rare situations could cause SQLyog to crash.
    -- Fixed some other small issues - mostly GUI-related.

SQLyog 5.16 (July 2006)

  • New Features

    -- Editor TAB width is now configurable.
    -- Easier use of keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste data in the grids.
    -- Migration tool has improved error logging and supports import of Unicode data.
    -- Support for Far Eastern character sets in the connections manager ('CJK languages').

  • Bug Fixes

    -- It was not possible to switch between connections windows while a long-running query was running.
    -- Several small bug fixes with the Migration Tool.
    -- Small GUI bugs fixed with the Grids.
    -- Fixes to the Structure Sync Tool (GUI issues and an issue with triggers).
    -- Fixed some issues with the Data Sync Tool when PK was based on a TIMESTAMP or a DATETIME.
    -- A fix with User management (user lost non-GLOBAL privileges if his name or host-descriptor was changed).
    -- A new connections window would sometimes not show up 'on top' of existing connections windows.
    -- Autocomplete did not update the TAGS-db-files 'on the fly' when an object was created/dropped/changed.

SQLyog 5.15 (June 2006)

  • SQLyog Enterprise will return specific error messages if SSH Tunneling fails for any reason. Previous versions of SQLyog used to return a generic error message.
  • Fixed a bug in HTTP Tunneling when magic_quotes_runtime had the value on in php.ini
  • Fixed a minor bug in “Reorder columns” while connected to MySQL 4.1.

SQLyog 5.14 (June 2006)

  • Lots of bug fixes and speed improvements.

SQLyog 5.13 (May 2006)

  • Fixed a crashing bug while inserting LONGBLOB data.
  • Fixed a bug in Structure sync.
  • Fixed a crashing bug with Autocomplete.
  • Better error handling in SQLyogTunnel.php

SQLyog 5.12 (May 2006)

  • Buffer overflows error on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where SQLyog was not starting in Win98.
  • Fixed an option where Favorites menu where not working on Win98.

SQLyog 5.11 (April 2006)

  • Fixed a system crashing bug while opening JOB files in wizards.

SQLyog 5.1 (January 2006)

  • Smart Autocomplete that suggests possible matches for your object names and keywords as you type in the SQL editor. This enables significantly faster MySQL development by drastically reducing the amount of keyboard input required.
  • Favorite Manager to neatly organize your favorite SQL statements.
  • Complete support for TIMESTAMP in result/data tab.
  • Support for MySQL v5.x objects in Structure Sync Tool.

SQLyog 5.02 (January 2006)

  • Fixed a system crashing bug in "Copy DB to Different Host" option.
  • Fixed a memory buildup issue in Migration Toolkit.
  • Fixed a memory buildup issue in Query Editor.