SJA Parameters for command line

There are four job types available with the SJA:

1) SQL Scheduler and Reporting Tool.
2) SQLyog External Data Import Tool (NOTE: NOT available with the Linux SJA version)
3) MySQL data synchronization.
4) SQLyog Backup Tool. (For 'Scheduled Backups')

The command line syntax is:

  sja "jobfile.xml" < parameters >


 session file
 log file
 version (supported from SJA version 8.13)
 chunk size (only in data sync)

For specifying the session file and the log file, a complete file path can be specified (using the quotes is necessary if there are spaces or a ':' in the path). If not specified default values logfile.txt and session.xml are used and file are placed in the directory from where SJA runs. Data sync jobs support an '-r' parameter to define CHUNK size (for a (source) HTTP connection it is 1000 rows by default if -r option is not specified explicitly). It has only an effect when a non-empty source-table is synced to an empty target-table.

Ex. -r2000 will copy CHUNKS of 2000 rows from source.

If no -r parameter is specified SQLyog will fetch "all rows" from source server in one 'SELECT' query operation. Also if the CHUNK size is greater than target 'max_allowed_packet', this 'max_allowed_packet' will still be respected.

Note that the -r parameter is a command line option only that is not supported from the GUI wizard.

The jobfile will often be a file with an .xml extension (and the full file name must be written), but can have any extension.

To execute more SJA jobfiles and to execute SJA with other executables and system commands you can use the batch-processing facility of the OS (a .bat -file on Windows) or a script/an application.