View Data

To quickly view data of a table select the table in the Object Browser and 1) select Open Data from the popup menu 2) click the DATA tab 3) or just press Enter. The data of the table is shown in the Table Data tab. This data can be viewed in three different modes:

1. GRID View

2. FORM View

3. TEXT View

GRID View, TEXT view and FORM view are similar to the Result tab.

There is a general LIMIT setting in 'Preferences', however you can always change that value form the DATA tab itself. Note that it can take considerable time to fetch many rows of data from the server - depending on the server load, configuration and the quality of the connection. Also the number of rows that can be displayed is limited by the memory available.

If by accident you have chosen to display so many rows that it takes too much time to load the data, there is a STOP option. The EXECUTE (single green arrow) - icon changes to a STOP icon while data is loading. Click this once and the loading of data will stop. Note that it may take a few seconds (depending on the connection) to communicate that message to the server!

Note: Form View is available in SQLyog Enterprise and Ultimate.