Copy Table to different HOST

This feature can be used instead of the Database - Copy DB To Another Host/Database option when you need to copy a single table, but in fact you can use it for multiple tables at once.

Select the table you want to copy and then select Table -> Copy Table to different Host/Database.

At the appeared dialog box, make sure that the required table is default selected and if necessary, select other tables to be copied using treenode checkboxes. You may select the object(s) like tables, views, stored procs, functions, triggers and events to quickly select the object(s) of the same DB. Now select the target database where you want to copy the data.

Click Drop If Exists In Target to first delete the named object(s) in the destination database before copying them from the source database.

Click Structure Only to copy the selected object(s) with no rows (the destination table is empty) or click Structure AndData to copy the object(s) along with its data in the destination database.

Note: To specify a different host as the target database, you must first connect to that host using File -> New Connection.